Barb Gettel

Name (and such): Barb Gettel (Babs, Barbarella, Barbie)

Nom de Travail (work work work …): Project Manager for a Minneapolis Consulting Firm, Co-Founder of the Northeast Beer Association, and former Maker of Parties at NorthGate Brewing.

Pride Source: The collaborative work I've done within the Minnesota Craft Beer industry and the relationships I've been lucky enough to foster, personally and professionally.

Personal Door-Kickers: All of the women I've collaborated with and worked alongside in the MN Craft Beer industry have encouraged me to be the most badass witch I can be and push me to do more and be better.

Wisdom: Do more, be better and strive to be the best version of yourselves every day. Tacos, cupcakes, and love are all you need.

Sarah Williams