Photo courtesy of Specific Gravity

Photo courtesy of Specific Gravity


In November 2016, a group of beer industry friends traveled to Superior, WI to brew with Allyson Rolph. Aside from being an accomplished brewer, Rolph was a steady, confident guide. With humor, patience, and a dash of badassery, Rolph steered the crew through two days of brewing and recipe creation. Each step paved the way for a beer named Pantsuit.

On October 9, 2017, at Fair State Brewing Cooperative, the crew came together again to craft The WitchHunt — a Cascadian dark ale with the ever watchful Katie Nolan. Since then, we've been taking names and making plans to smash antiquated gender roles in craft beer.

The all female brew crew was intentional. For a couple of days we could shed the ‘women in beer’ straightjacket and just relax and brew.
— Sarah Ratermann Beahan

Why "WiTch HuNt?"

“Witch Hunt” is often used in a negative context, referring to false accusations and seeing demons where there are none. Some would argue the gender disparity in the brewing industry is a non-issue; that if women wanted to make beer, they’d already be doing it. This narrow view fails to acknowledge the current patriarchal status quo that hinders the professional development of women in highly technical and physically demanding fields such as craft beer.

Throughout history, women traditionally have produced beer — and like knowledge, beer is power. When activities, jobs, and systems are codified by gender it stifles growth and innovation. We know the gender of a brewer means nothing when it comes to the quality of a brew. We know women and nonbinary folx have the drive to succeed in craft beer and our goal is to facilitate their success.