Off & On-Premise Sales Rep
Able is a brewery and malthouse located in the Logan Park neighborhood of Northeast Minneapolis. We hope to drive attention to our small grains grower/farmer network, highlight Minnesota and upper midwest grains, and beer terrific beer.

We’re also quickly growing in Minnesota. Sometimes it snows here. And sometimes when it’s not snowing, that just means it’s too cold to snow. But we’re located in the grain belt, and a lot of grain is grown in that belt. We exist to showcase what that means, the people who touch it, the place where it comes from. We get to do that through beer. We’re making some very cool beers, and selling it to the raddest places in the Twin Cities. 

But we need some help. People keep buying the beer. Faster than we can make it. We’ve recently invested in brewhouse production capacity on top of a canning line from Wild Goose. We’re investing in our people, too. We always have and we always will.

Job Overview:
The Off & On-Premise Sales Rep’s primary responsibility is to sell and maintain all Able products at liquor stores, bars, and restaruants in your Twin Cities territory. You will be responsible *for maintaining* existing relationships as well as targeting and acquiring new accounts.

Primary responsibilities include: 
Develop and grow existing and new accounts
Actively define and target new accounts in your territory
Continue to build lasting relationships with new and existing accounts
Advocate for Able’s brand, beer, values, and strategy
Effective communication of Able’s vision
Thorough knowledge of all products
Deep understanding of the craft market in Minnesota
Developing and building effective marketing strategies in your territory

The Off & On Premise Sales Rep has secondary responsibilities in Sales + Marketing

These duties can include:
In-store tastings
Marketing directives
Execution of sales strategies
New product launch
Staffing promotional events such as beer festivals, taproom events and other events
Effective collaboration with Able’s existing Sales Team
Assist our production team with product packaging
Tours + Tastings for your accounts at Taproom
Accurate and precise execution of work instructions
Data collection and recording

Job Requirements:
Brewing industry experience required
Drivers license
Must love the Kinks 

Desired Skills/Training
College degree desired
On/Off-Premise experience desired

(7) 40 BBL FV
(2) 40 BBL BT
Wild Goose Canning Line

Start Date

Base + Commission, based on experience

If you’re interested in having a conversation with us about what all of this means, holler at us at

Sarah Williams