As a brewer, normal duties will include cleaning, brewing on a 30 bbl system, cleaning, rotations in the cellar, cleaning, quality assurance and cleaning. A successful candidate will have formal brewing education and/or professional brewing experience, be self-motivated and demonstrate attention to detail.



  • All wort production activities including milling, mash/lauter, wort boiling and whirlpool
  • Sanitary wort cooling, aeration and transfer to cellar
  • CIP of brewhouse vessels and piping
  • Regular weekly, monthly and yearly cleaning/maintenance of brewing equipment
  • Operation of low-pressure steam boiler
  • Perform all brewing tasks in strong accordance with established SOPs, recipes and QA methods
  • Thorough documentation of all wort production


  • CIP and SIP of fermentation and bright beer tanks
  • Properly harvest, store and pitch yeast
  • Perform regular yeast counts and viability assessments
  • Track and document fermentation parameters and use them to properly condition beer
  • Beer conditioning tasks including dry hopping, trub dumping, fining and temperature management
  • Clarification and DO monitoring of bright beer
  • Perform all cellar tasks in strong accordance with established SOPs, recipes and QA methods


  • Assist with various packaging efforts, such as kegging, canning and specialty bottling efforts
  • Very strong alignment with QA/QC methods as well as use of SOPs
  • Loading/unloading of shipments into and out of brewing facility
  • Inventory management and production software use
  • Attend and participate at regular production meetings
  • Maintain a clean brewery including floors, drains and tank exteriors
  • Maintain a safe working environment
  • Assist with QA/QC testing and sensory assessments
  • Work with an attitude to drive continuous improvement
  • Have fun while being accountable


  • Exhibit and embrace Badger Hill Brewing core values
    • Fun, Smart, Hard Working, Nice, Honest
  • Formal brewing education and/or commercial brewing experience required
  • Forklift certified or ability to become forklift certified
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Strong critical thinking skills
  • Strong team working skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Physical requirements
    • Able to lift up to 60 lbs multiple times daily
    • Able to stand, bend, kneel, etc
    • Able to safely handle hazardous chemicals
  • Be able to work flexible schedule when appropriate
Sarah Williams