Assistant Brewer: Able

The Cellarman’s primary responsibility is to manage all aspects of the cellar operation, as directed by the Head Brewer. These include:

  • Yeast Management

  • Fermentation readings and data collection

  • Transfer and Filtration

  • Carbonating

  • Packaging (cans, kegs, large format bottles)

  • Cleanliness and Sanitation of Cellar area – tanks, hoses, filters, packaging

  • equipment, and other equipment

  • Cooperage management

  • Finished goods inventory

The Cellarman has secondary responsibilities in Wort Production. This person will be called upon to assist in brewing, from time to time, and at the direction of the Head brewer. These duties can include:

  • Milling

  • Mashing/Lautering

  • Spent grain removal

  • Wort boiling and hop additions

  • Transfer of finished wort o

  • CIP processes

  • Accurate and precise execution of work instructions and recipes

  • Data collection and recording

Other duties include:

  • Regular cleaning

  • Regular maintenance

  • Staffing promotions, beer festivals, taproom events and other events.

  • Physical inventory

  • Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

  • A degree or certificate from a certified brewing school/program, or equivalent experience in the brewing industry

  • Driver’s license

  • Must love the Kinks

Desired Skills/Training

  • Studies or degree in Microbiology or similar field with an interest in applying knowledge to beer quality

To Apply: Contact Casey Holley at