Head Brewer: Falling Knife Brewing Co.

COMPANY DESCRIPTION Located in the Mid-City Industrial neighborhood of Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota, Falling Knife Brewing Company is a soon-to-be open brewery (Target launch date: Summer 2019). The production brewery space, at an end-cap on Broadway Avenue between 35W and Highway 280, will feature a 149 person tap room and full table service.

Our mission is to make their day. They are our co-workers, our guests, our partners and our community. We do that by responsibly hosting the party, every night, and serving world-class beers.

JOB PURPOSE At Falling Knife, we will produce a variety of consistently produced, high-quality beers spanning the entire range of beer styles. The Head Brewer will be in charge of the brewing team and day-to-day responsibilities involved in accomplishing those goals.

The Head Brewer ensures smooth operation of beer production by collaborating with the Chief Brewing Officer on recipes and our beer vision, maintaining a clean and thriving production facility, and leading the brewery team. The Head Brewer is expected to take prideful responsibility for beer production and have the highest standards for Falling Knife beer.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The Head Brewer is responsible for the following:

● Painstaking attention to detail and efficiency with the quality and consistency of the finished product

● Daily communication with the Chief Brewing Officer

● Leads all day-to-day activities necessary to produce high quality, consistent beer

● Manages all brewery operations of our 20 BBL Specific Mechanical brew system, and 20 BBL / 40 BBL fermenters and brite tanks

● Leads the brewery team which will initially consist of themselves, an assistant brewer, and cellar / delivery person

● Collaborates creatively with the Chief Brewing Officer on new recipes, concepts, and ideas

● Manages, maintains, and operates the Wild Goose canning line

● Manages, maintains, and operates the centrifuge and transfer of finished product

● Promotes an atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork within the brewery

● Conducts annual performance reviews of brewery staff with the Chief Brewing Officer

● Coordinates with management to effect disciplinary measures when necessary

● Advocates a continuous improvement culture throughout their team

● Manages yeast using prescribed best practices and industry standards, including pitching, cropping and monitoring yeast

● Assists the Chief Brewing Officer in development and updating of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as necessary

● Oversees keg cleaning, filling, and storage

● Holds self and brewers accountable for adhering to SOPs and maintaining a sanitary and micro-biologically stable work environment

● Oversees growing barrel program (Clean and bugs)

● Works with Chief Brewing Officer on new projects

● Maintains brewing, cellaring, packaging and other related documentation within Ekos, and ensures that their team does the same

● Provides hands on relief of all positions as necessary

● Provides leadership in decision-making situations as needed

● Assists Chief Brewing Officer with inventory control and tracking

● Oversees and improves production efficiency

● Professionally represents Falling Knife at festivals, conferences and other events

● Promotes a successful relationship with taproom and sales staff

● Trains, guides, and grows their team of brewers

● Whatever it takes to ensure the health of Falling Knife Brewing Company

QUALIFICATIONS Qualifications include:

● College degree and / or certification from an accredited brewing program

○ Biology or Food Science is preferred

● At least 5 years of professional brewing experience

○ Production brewery experience (canning, off-premise kegs) is preferred

● Excellent communication and organizational skills

● Deep understanding of brewing process, recipe design, general microbiology, lab work, fermentation, packaging, CIP and sanitation.

● Attention to detail and ability to multi-task

● Ability to anticipate and proactively address problems in a fast-paced environment

● Positive attitude and ability to work with a diverse set of people

● Basic familiarity with tablet-based brewery management systems and other web-based / Google Suite software

● Ability to lift 55+ lbs regularily

● Ability to move full kegs with the aid of a dolly

● Ability to operate a forklift within cramped quarters

● Experience with, aptitude for and desire to learn the mechanical workings of brewery equipment in order to address problems quickly and efficiently

● Grace under pressure

WORKING CONDITIONS AND PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS This position requires an individual who works under a range of circumstances, including: evening work, weekend work, holiday work, working in a variety of environmental conditions, and working within close proximity of an operating brewery (noise, heavy equipment, odors related to the brewing process).

The Head Brewer will likely be required to stand for extended periods of time. They may also be required to lift boxes and bags of grain that are 35-55+ lbs, move empty / full kegs with the help of a dolly or co-worker. Due to the nature of the work, they must have the ability to frequently sit, stand, walk, crouch, kneel, crawl and climb.

DIRECT REPORTS All brewery staff.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM FALLING KNIFE BREWING COMPANY We pride ourselves on providing a variety of world-class beers, service to our guests, value to our partners and purpose to our co-workers. As such, you can expect to be:

● Treated with respect and supported by the ownership team and your immediate manager

● Competitively and fairly compensated based on responsibilities, experience and position

● Involved and integral in the growth of the company, industry and community

● Informed about company decisions that impact your work and life

● Given regular reviews and feedback on your performance to ensure clarity of expectations and purpose

● Empowered to be yourself and make decisions, provided they are in line with overall company goals and standards

● A trusted member of our team in regards to executing your duties and acting as an ambassador of Falling Knife Brewing Company

● Provided with new challenges and the opportunity to grow in your role commensurate with your performance and interest in long term growth

● A member of a team that is concerned for your well-being, happiness and appreciates the time you give us, and are therefore given all necessary resources to thrive-- personally and professionally