Duluth’s first Brewhouse opened in the Fitger’s facility in 1995 after its founders retuned from a ski trip inspired by the growing brewing scene of the Western U.S. Combining the relaxed ambience of a mountain brewery with an uncompromising dedication to quality, the Duluth Brewhouse established a tradition of offering North Shore Style beer. North Shore Style brewing is more than just hoppy beer.


Brew on our manually operated 10 bbl system.
•    Assess quality and temperature of fermenting beers (pH and Gravities), report any abnormalities to Head Brewer or Lead Brewer
•    Assess quality, flavor, and carbonation of serving beers, report any abnormalities to Head Brewer or Lead Brewer
•    Rack remaining beer in Serving Tank into kegs
•    Transfer finished beer from conditioning tank to serving tank and carbonate appropriately
•    Transfer fermented beer to conditioning tank and add finings as needed
•    Brew batches of beer and root beer to specifications as determined by the Head Brewer
•    Operate keg washer/filler in a safe and efficient manner as needed
•    Operate growler washer and filler in a safe and efficient manner as needed
•    Determine what growlers need to be filled the day before a growler fill, verify with Head Brewer or Lead Brewer. Fill kegs as needed, label growler caps
•    When assigned, monitor beer levels at Tycoons, Rathskeller, Burrito Union, and Endion Station; gather empties and deliver beer to these locations once per week
•    Clean beer lines at all Just Take Action Inc. locations every two weeks
•    Attend beer festivals as needed and represent The Duluth Brewhouse in a professional manner
•    Miscellaneous tasks assigned by the Brewmaster or Lead Brewer
•    Follow safety protocols as established by the Brewmaster or Lead Brewer

•    2 years experience in a brewery, 3 years preferred

•    Demonstrate leadership traits
•    Bachelor of Science in chemistry and/or brewing school preferred
•    Ability to lift up to 110 pounds and move 150 pounds
•    Must be able to drive a one-ton pickup truck
•    Valid Driver’s license  and clean driving record required, and no substance abuse problems.
•    Ability to work early mornings, late nights and some weekends throughout the year
•    Climb stairs, ladders, and ramps multiple times per day