Director of Sales
225 Thomas Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55405
The Director of Sales is a core member of the Management Team of the company and is directly responsible for achieving annual Sales Goals of craft beer thru their direct efforts and managing their team. They will report directly to the President.

Key Responsibilities & Deliverables

In conjunction with company management, set annual Sales goals and create a Sales Action Plan to achieve them and adapt as needed. This will layout resource needs and create market focus.
Achieve Sales Goals.
Recruit, train, mentor, and motivate our team of three Sales Representatives to meet individual & team goals.
Effectively utilize and continue to develop “Street Teams” of Brand Ambassadors in our markets
Keep open communication with Management on progress, challenges, opportunities, and suggest improvements to help reach Sales goals with weekly, monthly and quarterly reports.
Work cooperatively and build strong relationships with our 3rd party distribution partner(s) staff to ensure best performance and brand support from key channel managers.
Personally open, grow, and expand sales within on and off premise accounts.
Actively participate in planning of new beers, creating a release calendar, beer rollout plans, review marketing materials during design process, and seek ways to maximize success.
Department Responsibilities

Events – are a key marketing and sales opportunity to connect to the end consumer of our products. Sales department will maintain a calendar of events via the prioritization of the myriad choices, organize our engagement including staffing, coordinate with non-sales staff for marketing materials and other support.
Communication is key to team work. Attendance at all required meetings, logging of sales calls within our CRM tool, and model appropriate behavior to the team. This includes prompt responses to email, telephone calls, and messages.
Curating a positive brand image for Utepils Brewing Co, its products, and team members.
Open, grow, and expand “Signature” marketing accounts such as State Fair, Target Field, and others.

Department Resources

Utepils Brewing Co has created a strong brand respected for the high quality and delicious beers. The department is staffed with three Sales Representatives and supported by our distribution company’s team. Street teams have been created in the Twin Cities and Duluth markets to support retailers. Utepils maintains a strong and active social media presence. Our Taproom is a highly successful venue that builds consumer connections and is a dramatic venue to bring retailers a clear awareness of our commitment to quality and our brand focus on the fun of European Style brewing.

In short, delicious beer in attractive packaging brewed with a clear style parameter focused on reaching a wide consumer base and a brewery able to create large amounts of beer to sell. Combined with an active ownership management team committed to success.

What You Bring

The desire to bring Utepils Brewing Co to the top and be a key player in managing our business. We need not only a skilled salesperson but someone who can effectively build team performance. You will commit to the time and energy requirements of a rapidly expanding new brewery while enjoying the pride of results from being in on the ground floor and making the decisions.

Demonstrated sales success in the craft beer market.
Experience in working effectively as a team leader.
Ability and willingness to develop team members to reach team goals.
Strong written and interpersonal communication skills to work both with the Sales team and Management team.
Knowledge of the operations and work experience with third party beer distribution systems.
Ability to work when the work needs to be done; this will involve night and weekend work as needed to reach sales goals. Work life balance is respected so schedules are flexible both ways.
Ability to see the big picture and translate into sales action plans, foresee resource needs, and work cooperatively with Utepils staff, distribution staff, industry vendors, and retailers.
Clear awareness that those that buy and consume our beer produce the revenue that supports the retailers, the distribution company and Utepils Brewing Co.
Embody in behavior the values of Utepils Brewing Co which include Fun, Ethical, Profit, and Community.