Witch Hunt
Witch Hunt
Welcome. We've been looking for you ...

Welcome. We've been looking for you ...

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We are intentionally seeking you — hunting you, as it were — because we love beer and we believe the craft beer industry is better with you in it.


about us

We are Witch Hunt  

What we do:

  • Create beer education opportunities for all skill levels
  • Advocate for women and nonbinary folx in every department of the craft brewing industry
  • Connect individuals in order to foster professional development
  • Showcase our collective talents through collaboration brews

Our mission

Our mission is to foster professional pathways for women and nonbinary individuals in craft brewing through education.


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WoMen Of WiTchHunT

Learn more about the women who power Witch Hunt.



CoNacT Us

Send your questions, general comments, and killer ideas here. If you'd like to be notified of Witch Hunt happenings, please head over to the "Join Us" page.